Monday, December 22, 2008

Unintentional Seasonal Humor

I love Christmas lights, although I didn't put any up this year - actually, my side of the street is on Christmas light hiatus for 2008. However, my father's neighbor has a joyful and fairly tasteful display, a few bushes wrapped in lights and 5 inflated things.

Inflatable Christmas decorations are usually cute, but don't make me laugh. Not this year. The animated reindeer helping Santa into and out of a chimney is darn cute, but this week it ventured into the realm of unintentionally funny.

It rained. Sure, not news if you're in Portland, OR, but in Phoenix, we notice rain. The first day after it stopped raining, Dad's neighbor turned on the lights and the reindeer/Santa had slipped and stopped moving as it normally did. It looked like the reindeer and Santa were wrestling - well, more like the reindeer was throttling Santa, but I was trying to be kind. Thanks for the laugh!

The neighbors apparently noticed, because the next day the Santa and the reindeer were upright, but not moving. So, instead of wrestling, it looked like Santa and the reindeer were dancing. (I'm really hoping the reindeer on the roof is Vixen.)

Santa and the reindeer are completely functional again, but to me, their relationship will never be the same. Is the reindeer helping Santa from hate (wrestling), love (dancing), instinct? I'll never really know.

On a humorous side note - the big Frosty the Snowman, a.k.a. the creepiest "Christmas" character ever, was also a small victim of the same disaster. After looking like he'd fallen down drunk for a couple of days, he's back up, but because a light broke that gift he's carrying looks like a tie-top garbage bag. Heaven only knows what that creepy snowman is carrying in that Hefty bag, but it probably isn't good.

Still, both roof-top characters and their weather-related injuries have made me laugh a lot this week.


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